Trucut CNC XP Plasma Series

Trucut CNC XP Plasma Series

Trucut Series CNC Plasma

The TruCut CNC series offers an affordable light-Industrial option for manufacturers, fabricators, engineers, welders and HAVC professionals to make parts in-house and streamline cutting operations. Our Partnership with ART and Hypertherm offers industry leading support and precision plasma cutting.

See the Trucut Series CNC in action.

What can you expect from the Trucut CNC Series?

Solid Construction

Our machine boasts a fully welded steel construction instead of bolt-together aluminium profiles, offering superior durability and stability. Additionally, we utilise long-life industrial linear bearings (not rollers, etc.), a rack and pinion drive on the X and Y axes and a ball screw drive on the Z axis, providing precision and reliability for all your cutting needs.


Effortlessly transfer cut files from office computers, eliminating the need for USB sticks. Enjoy real-time monitoring of cutting progress, machine status, and performance metrics, empowering your team to tackle potential issues promptly. Benefit from seamless software updates and remote technical support, making maintenance and troubleshooting a breeze.

Touch Screen

Our machine controls are designed to be content-sensitive, with messages in plain English and logical functions that are easy to understand, enabling full control over all machine functions. The system is user-friendly and easy to learn, providing operators with the flexibility to make adjustments as needed, without compromising accuracy or productivity.

Pre-loaded Cutting Parameters

Our TruCut CNC plasma machine features pre-loaded cutting parameters, ensuring optimal performance for various materials without the need to manually determine the best cutting approach. Enjoy hassle-free operation and consistent results with this intelligent, user-friendly controller.

Dual-Drive Gantry

Experience unparalleled stability and precision with our advanced dual drive gantry system. Equipped with two motors for optimal control and accuracy, our robust gantry is designed to meet the challenges of demanding industrial applications. By effectively preventing shaking and wobbling during operation, our dual drive gantry provides exceptional high-precision motion capabilities, ensuring accurate and repeatable results every time.

File support

Experience the ultimate convenience with our CNC plasma machine, offering G-code compatibility for running industry-standard NC files, built-in DXF support that generates tool paths and lead-ins live on the machine, and the ability to digitize-to-cut directly by tracing templates with a laser pointer. This all-in-one solution eliminates the need for separate CAM programs and external design tools, streamlining your cutting process for maximum efficiency.


Our cutting system includes a full ToolShop nesting and toolpathing software license, an AutoCAD-style CAD module, native line arc and shape drawing tools, and automatic repair of open corners and overlaps in DXF. The software supports automatic toolpathing and nesting from an Excel-type file (CSV), with full true-shape nesting capabilities, printing of labels for parts and sheet remnants, and nesting reports with detailed statistics.

Laser Alignment Pointer

The TruCut CNC plasma machine features a laser alignment pointer, providing effortless material reference location and enabling plate rotation for precise positioning on the bed. The laser pointer also simplifies digitizing patterns and templates, allowing for seamless export back to CAD software. Enhance your workflow with this versatile and user-friendly laser alignment tool, ensuring optimal accuracy and efficiency in your projects.



The Trucut CNC range is an affordable addition for those wanting to make parts in-house and streamline cutting operations.
With finance now available from under $5 per hour (based on a 38hr week) it represents an excellent pathway to automation with all the features of ART’s larger machines included. Contact us today to speak with one of our Automation specialists.


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