Routine Maintenance for Powermax plasma systems

Getting into a routine maintenance schedule extends the life of your Powermax system, prevents downtime, and keeps you safe. Here's a quick list of what needs to happen.

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Friday 29th April 2022     Powermax, Maintenance, Service

SilverPlus electrode technology

SilverPlus electrodes, on average, double the life of the electrode and nozzle compared to copper. For more information on how the technology works and how to get the best life out of them. Find the SilverPlus brochure here.

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Wednesday 11th August 2021     SilverPlus, Consumables

HyAccess gouging with the Powermax 45XP

Tim demonstrates gouging with the Powermax 45XP using HyAccess consumables.

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Thursday 11th March 2021     Powermax, PMX45XP, Hypertherm, Plasma

How Thick Can You Cut With A Plasma Cutter?

If you have ever wondered about the effectiveness of plasma cutters for materials of different thicknesses, we are here to provide the answers.

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Tuesday 16th February 2021    

The Best Plasma Cutters For Your Money 2021

Here at Trucut we want to make sure you are getting the best for your money. Here are our top 3 plasma systems for 2021.

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Monday 4th January 2021     Best Plasma, Plasma Systems, Powermax, 2021

Hypertherm Powermax 45XP Unboxing

See exactly what you get when you purchase the Powermax 45XP. Tim unboxes the plasma system with all leads and accessories and highlights its main features easy set up.

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Friday 11th December 2020     Powermax, Hypertherm, Plasma. PMX45XP,

Laser Cutting vs Plasma Cutting: What Should I Use

Both laser cutting and plasma cutting have their pros and cons. The method you choose mostly depends on the material you intend to cut.

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Tuesday 20th October 2020    

The Benefits of Plasma Cutting Metals

Whether you’re in manufacturing, construction, car repair or even arts and crafts, a wide range of industries can experience the benefits of plasma cutting your metals. Even if you’ve never used a plasma cutting solution before, you’ll...

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Friday 16th October 2020    

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